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Yoga. Meditation. Sound. Ritual.

Our Mission is for Ritual to be a place where you can come to feel better in your body.

Experience yourself in a new and more complete way. 
Honor your wholeness.
Come as you are, and leave as even more of who you are.

Through movement practices (such as yoga and dance), meditation, and sound, everything at Ritual is offered as an invitation to connect with yourself and your power to create a lifestyle and rituals that support you in your life as well as support the co-creation of our world.

Our class schedule is designed to satisfy your natural cycles and rhythms- 
some days we need a more structured practice (see Hatha),
while other days we need to go with the flow (see Flow or Hatha Flow),
then there are the days where we just need to be gentle with ourselves (see Yoga Nidra, Friday Night Reset, or Yin + Sound). 

Ritual is also known for our Qoya class, a feminine movement class where we begin to draw on the profound healing qualities of music, sound, movement, and women’s circle.


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