Our Studio, Our Story

Ritual was born from the idea that life is meant to be experienced, lived, and honored in all it’s stages. 

Formally known as It's All Yoga, our studio honors the past the present and the future; knowing that we could not be where we are without the 12+ years It's All Yoga served the community. We cherish the process of evolution and strive to always honor our roots as we continue to create our future together. 

In order to lead a fulfilling life we believe in the importance of tending to the whole person. A healthy body, mind, and spirit help to carry us through all life’s ups, downs, twists, and turns in a way that leaves us feeling more alive and whole on the other side. 

We believe that inviting an element of ritual to life enhances the quality of our experience. 

Ritual can be as simple as a morning cup of coffee or setting the table for dinner. It can also be your daily meditation or yoga practice. 

What makes a ritual different than just being a habit or a routine is the awareness and intention you bring to it. 

Ritual welcomes a sense of meaning and purpose to even the most mundane task. It opens the door, inviting the sacred into your daily life. 

Some things we value…

The community. When I get stronger, you get stronger and when you get stronger I get stronger. The individual person benefits from a strong community and our community is kind, supportive, welcoming, respectful, and committed.

The individual. Each person has a unique perspective and a special gift to share with the world that can only come through them.

Education. As long as we are breathing there is always more to learn. Education closes gaps of separation and misunderstanding and supports a fulfilling and rich life. 

Gratitude. We believe that gratitude is a super power. By accessing gratitude right here and right now we create more reasons to be grateful.