Navigate the Unknown this Full Moon in Taurus

It is often said that our bodies hold our memories and traumas; the way your knee aches when it’s cold outside from that injury back in high school, the scar on your finger from when you burned it cooking, the tension in your shoulders from the stress of a new job, and an accumulation of so so so much more. But while our bodies hold evidence of our past they also hold answers to our present and future.

It is through our bodies that we can access our intuition, our inner compass.

Our intuition helps us to navigate the unknown and to find the answers behind the questions. It helps us to see what cannot easily be seen and begin to understand the world and ourselves at new levels.  

To access your intuition notice what is present for you right now: thoughts, sensations, emotions, distractions. As you notice how all of this feels to you (the physical sensation as well as the emotion) may you receive it all as valuable information. Information that is truly trying to help you. Every ache, every tingle, all the pleasure, all the pain, the numbness, lightness, and heaviness, the bloat and the frailty.

For a minute, just feel it without trying to fix it.
Get out of your head and into your body.
Learn it's language. Listen.

In her forecast for the Full Moon in Taurus, Virginia Rosenberg says that today is a time to "inhabit the body in all sensation." Feel into your ability to sense and to know. Draw on your resources, within yourself and within your body. See what cannot easily be seen and maybe do what you would not normally do. Our intuition has a way of building confidence, giving us courage, making us stand up for what we believe in, saying what we need to say, cutting cords that bind, and forging new pathways of connection.

Your body may spend a lot of time reminding you of what you've done. Now is the time to let it guide you on what to do.

In cultivating this relationship with your body, a good place to start is with a nice deep breath. Getting on your mat for some yoga asana or Qoya is a great next place. Then part of the idea is that your body will tell you what's next…