Feel the Pause

While the world is abuzz with Holiday preparations and end of the year to-dos, nature invites us to slow down- to pause, even.

For many this is one of the busiest times of year- an extrovert’s dream. Parties, projects, travel, gifts. At the same time our planet (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) pulls inward. 

Maybe a part of you wants to be “on” and Merry, while (at the same time) another part of you wants to close down and hibernate.

As you make your way through these final days of 2018, we hope that along with the gifts that you may be giving to others, you give yourself a few gifts too: most importantly the gifts of compassion and space to be exactly as you are. While the Holidays can bring up all sorts of feelings and memories, the Solstice invites us to simply be with them; in the darkness and in stillness.

Perhaps one true gift of the season is being given the space and circumstances to honor the wholeness of who you are, of what you experience, and the mystery of being alive.

Tonight is the Solstice Gathering. It’s sure to be magical. If you plan on attending, please bring a mat with you. We anticipate a full house. 

Tomorrow is the actual Solstice, followed up with a full moon on Saturday. This is a potent time to tie up loose ends, connect with desires, and set intentions. It is also a potent time to simply pause and breathe.

We are here when you need a little breather. And we look forward to the returning of the light and jumping into another year with you.

With great love and joy,