Dreaming of Our Becoming

The Inner Reflects the Outer

Our community, our lives, and our relationships are a microcosm of the macrocosm. 
To the sensitive soul these recent times have been, well, interesting. 

As things get disrupted in the larger world maybe you’ve had your own disruptions in your personal life. Every shift both inner and outer is an invitation to adjust, to respond, and to evolve. As our world is shifting, challenging us, and at times disrupting us, we’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t going through some sort of transformation or, at the very least, inquiry about something in their lives right now. 

Aren’t we lucky to have a space to come, to gather, to breathe, and to connect? And to remember that while so much can be uncertain or hard to put into words, we can still come in to feel our bodies.

This studio is a container for a whole lotta magic. And as new magic comes in how does the container need to adjust? As a new-ish studio owner I’ve tried to stay close to this question: Is there anything that needs to be moved, changed, transmuted, or alchemized to support our movement through this inevitable evolution?

I ask myself, what do I already do to stay present, grounded, and true through change?

My answer: Ritual. 

I bring ritual to all of life’s big shifts: when my niece and nephews were born, when I bought this studio, when I travel. Ritual helped hold me after the loss of my husband. It gave me a way to honor my grief while also honoring love and life and remembering to come back to the present moment. 

As I observe our community- the interactions, the practice, the coming and going- I see the same in you. No one is here merely out of habit or routine. This is your ritual. Each individual bringing your own unique meaning and purpose. 

Come as you are. Share your essence. Be in present time. 
I want to hold space for this in our community. I want to create the container of Ritual. So...

As of March 20 (the Spring Equinox), It’s All Yoga will officially be known as Ritual, a community for Yoga, Meditation, and Sound.

As the name changes, you might wonder what else might change. Well, here’s what will stay the same:

  • The schedule. Your classes are not going anywhere. Expect to get the same offerings you have grown to love. 
  • Your Teachers. Your teachers will continue to lead connected, meaningful, and nurturing classes in the unique way that only they know how. 
  • YOU! Our community is more than a name. You create our community every time you come in and share your beautiful and honest essence with one another.

As we move into this new chapter we welcome you to participate in the co-creation. Where do you desire support, deeper knowledge, or something new? Share with us. Let's keep the dialogue open.

It is no mistake that this announcement comes on the Full Moon in Virgo. As Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares in her forecast, the task of this moon has to do with dreaming. We are still in dreamland. The moment before the creation. The quiet before the eruption of Spring. The place where we incubate before we become. I’ve been fortunate to have my dream of a supportive, intentional, and loving community come to fruition. Now that we are together, let’s ask each other, what is your dream? What can we co-create together? As this moon invites us to do:
“For now we’ll dream it, and make way for our becoming.”

Learn more about the inspiration for Ritual in this short video
And keep scrolling to see upcoming workshops, new additions, and the special gatherings we have planned the week of Spring Equinox to welcome Ritual.

With Love and Gratitude,