Intentions are like seeds...

...and this is an especially fertile time of year. Have you ever marveled at a weed growing through the cracks of cement and how the earth is so determined to create that when the season is right she will grow new life anywhere?

Allow nature’s genius to guide all creations.
-Virginia Rosenberg

Similar to the earth, we have seasons where our impulse is to grow; through the cracks, against the odds, changing the landscape of the world around us. Seasons where we have something inside of us that just needs to come out, to be experienced and to be expressed. Seasons where it seems the growth is going to happen whether we pay attention to it or even want it to.

When the force of nature around and within us is this potent, how can we participate in the creation? We do so by choosing which seeds we plant and which intentions we set. 

And just like when we plant seeds in the earth, setting intentions allows us to simultaneously exercise our creative power while also releasing control. 

This Thursday marks one year since Michelle asked if I was interested in purchasing It’s All Yoga. At that time I was planting seeds of intention all over the place asking for a way to continue developing my teaching and cultivating community. I had no way of anticipating the way these seeds were about to show up in my world. While my mind had created images of how it would look and I could sense in my heart and body how it would feel, I was still sitting in the wonder and the mystery waiting for a response. 

So when Michelle popped the question my mind’s first thought was, “this doesn’t fit into my picture," while my body and heart were lit up with an undeniable excitement. The picture looked different while the feeling was spot on. 

Lately anytime I forget my own creative power I remember the example above. We are constantly co-creating with the world around us. Read Virginia Rosenberg’s New Moon in Taurus forecast for more insight on how powerful this time is for setting intentions. You don’t have to know exactly what you want, but you are being asked to participate. Life is not a spectator sport. 

This is one reason why in many of your classes the teacher offers an opportunity for you to set an intention for your class. It’s practice and it is a way to participate in your life's creation. 

By consciously setting our intention we call on the power of our mind to focus on what we are calling into our lives.

-Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya


By bringing our intentions to our physical practice we begin to integrate all the parts of our being; mind, body, and spirit, so that these intentions can be made pure, remain for your highest good, and begin to have a place in your world.

Next time you take class, remember the power you hold and see what intentions want to come forth. Consider it the ultimate way to multi-task: practice your yoga postures while creating your world.

Keep scrolling to see a couple series offerings we have starting up this week. And, as always, we look forward to seeing you in class. 

With Love,