Witness Your Cycles

Oh how I wanted to have some profound message for you with this blog. All day yesterday I tried to come up with something beautiful and meaningful to write. I tried all my tricks to catch inspiration. But nothing worked.

I had the intention of writing something meaningful every New Moon and Full Moon. Despite this intention, inspiration did not want to be caught. After trying all day to make it happen, I lay in bed last night and surrendered. Rather than try to force myself to be somewhere that I am not, what if I just allowed myself to be where I am?

If you were in any of my classes last week you heard me talk about witnessing our cycles. This advice came from a teacher in an online course I am taking. “Witness Your Cycles,” she said. Remember that life is not linear, and chances are you have been here before.

When we lack energy, inspiration, or motivation it can be easy to feel like we may get stuck there. But it is important to remember that mood, energy, and inspiration fluctuate.

As for me, this is not the first time I’ve lacked inspiration and been a little blocked in my writing. Past experience shows me that I will be inspired again. Maybe the energy is needed elsewhere at this time. Instead of struggling, this is an opportunity to witness my cycles and to honor myself where ever I am. 

So where are you in your cycle? Are you bursting with inspiration, blocked, or somewhere in the middle? Acknowledging where we currently are is a practice in honesty and an acknowledgement of truth.

And so here we have an unplanned segue into the forecast for today’s full moon in Sagittarius! Sagittarius is very much about seeking truth and as Virginia Rosenberg shares in her forecast, this moon is an invitation to keep seeking:

"Our freedom comes through realization, welcoming truth, and embracing whatever arises in result. Seeking to find the next truth - the next, and the next.” 

There is a freedom in Truth. When we don’t have to try to make anything be something that it’s not; including ourselves. Because of that, there is a beauty in Truth and there is a beauty in our cycles. So maybe as we witness where we are currently, we can allow ourselves to not just be there but to really honor where we are and to have reverence for all of our phases.

It's all part of creation and we are creating this world individually and together. So what better foundation to create from than truth, reverence, and beauty?