Savor the Spaciousness

Is it just me or does it feel like life has slowed down this week? My to-do list remains as long as ever, it’s just that now it's up against a backdrop of quiet that comes with the lazy days of summer. 

As the bustle of Spring comes to an end it's as though the collective consciousness has begun to settle. In some ways life can feel a bit more spacious. 

And you get to decide what to fill that space with, or if you fill it at all.

Senses are enhanced and you savor the simplicity: the sounds of birds singing and the humming of air conditioners, the sensation of warm breezes, the extended hours of light shining through the window, the taste of a cold glass of lemon water, the feeling of rest and maybe extra time by the pool or on your yoga mat. 

These longer days also lend themselves to having ample time to ask all sorts of questions. Such as, how did I get here? Am I where I want to be? Am I where I thought I would be? The answers to these questions can come with mixed emotions and with enough space to feel them.

The longer days shine more light on what is.

Summer can be a time of living life to the fullest. This may look like more vacations, more social gatherings, and more adventures. But “the fullest” doesn’t only go in one direction. As the long summer sunlight shines longer upon us it can reveal those things that were maybe easier to tuck into the shadows before. As we begin to feel we are reminded that living life to the fullest not only includes joy, happiness, and adventure but it also includes sadness, uncertainty, and grief for the loss of old ways of being.

When we open ourselves to feel one emotion we open ourselves to feel all emotions. Maybe this is really what living fully is all about. 

Today the new moon in Gemini is a beginning, like every other new moon. The moon phases are a metaphor and a reminder that life is less linear than it is cyclical. Each ending lending itself to a beginning; the expansion leading to contraction; the emptiness to fullness and back to emptiness, or rather spaciousness, again. 

As Virginia Rosenberg puts it in her New Moon Forecast, "This New Moon is an opening. A path beckoning you forward, longing for you to notice every step you take upon it."

With Solstice coming next week, Summer begins to settle in and the added light illuminates what has been occupying our space. We begin to feel more and along with gleaning any lessons and wisdom from what is there, we also get to decide what we will do for our next step. So if this is page one, then what do you want to put on page two?