A task of the time...

With all the blessings of technology such as access to information and entertainment, and the ability to stay connected and informed, these blessings can equally be challenges. 

All this access to information makes it easier for us to see how much there is to do; so many causes and so many places that can stretch, harden, and break the heart. If you are anything like me, it can be a little overwhelming at times. Our ancestors did not have access to this much information. Should we? Or is a part of our evolution as a species for us to be able to face the questions we face today and take on the tasks in front of us?

If it’s true that we are expected to know more, to carry more, and to do more then what do we need in order to better prepare ourselves to do so?

In her Full Moon in Capricorn forecast, Virginia Rosenberg begins to address this topic. She says, Breathe. Grieve. Take necessary action. Move on. Lighten your load. This moon is for practicing emotional maturity and resilience.

Paying attention to all that is going on can elicit an emotional response. This response is a gift in how it alerts us to where energy and attention may be needed. But how many times have erratic emotions made a situation worse, a divide bigger, or served to lessen empathy rather than increase it?

Developing our emotional maturity is a task of our time.

When left unconscious or bottled up, emotions can come out in unexpected and unhelpful ways. Many believe that they can also bring illness and dis-ease to the body. When we allow ourselves to feel them and give them a safe place to exist and be expressed, we help to diffuse the intensity of our emotions so they don’t blow up in inappropriate or detrimental ways. It may seem counterintuitive, but a safe place to experience emotions actually does a lot to neutralize them. Getting back to a neutral place is not a way to put our heads in the sand or diminish the importance of what we are feeling. Instead it helps us to look at the situation with a clearer mind (some might say higher mind), giving us a new perspective.

While nobody is forcing you to feel your emotions when you are on the mat at Ritual, we hope that you feel safe enough to do so.

This month along with our regular classes, we have a few offerings that can support emotional maturity and promote resilience. 

Qoya Awakening Workshop… encourages us to feel as much as we can then to take those feelings as dance partners to see what they have to teach us. By allowing their expression, we go into the intensity as a way to diffuse their power over us. This is the opposite of repression and brings about a deep sense of freedom in our bodies and in our lives. 
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Arm Balance Series… Part of arm balancing is simply physical; learning the physical mechanics to train your body to do something new. But beyond the physical, arm balancing helps us to literally look at the world from a new perspective. Isn’t that a great metaphor for life? We begin to see how our physical experience is not so separate from our emotional and mental experience. If we can begin to change our physical view of the world by getting upside down (or even just attempting to), our figurative perspective starts to shift as well. Isn't that neat?
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Yoga Nidra Immersion… through deep rest and guided meditation, Yoga Nidra helps to reduce stress and calm the nervous system. Essentially it helps to take us out of fight-or-flight so we can find our way to emotional neutrality, leaving space for our higher mind to come forward.
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