Take a deep breath...

Take a deep breath, 
allow yourself to get present.
Allow yourself to feel and inhabit this moment.

With so much to do in the world, as well as in our personal lives, remember to check-in with yourself. 

Release what is not yours. Release what you no longer need. 

Call in your unique essence, your power, and your truth.

It can be easy to accumulate energy that no longer serves you or never belonged to you in the first place. Rather than letting it get stuck, let the energy flow through you. 

If you are feeling a little bit stagnant, remember that physical movement is one fast and effective way to release stale, dense energy from your body. Come to class or just move your body with the intention of releasing anything that is getting in the way of your highest essence coming through. 

Today’s New Moon/solar eclipse energy, makes this moment ripe with opportunity to shed old skin, break patterns, and see what wants to emerge. 

So take a deep breath. 
Allow yourself to get present, and to feel and inhabit this moment.

Release what is not yours and what you no longer need. 

Allow your unique essence to move through you and from this place, decide how to move forward. 

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And as you continue to work with this energy today, I invite you to join me in a prayer calling on the lessons and teachings of Serpent Medicine:

Oh great serpent, please come wrap your coils of light around us. Remind us of the pleasures of being embodied- of living in these human bodies at this time in history. And teach us to shed our past like you shed your skin. Just like you are with your soft-belly to the earth, help us feel our feet reconnect with the earth. And teach us to walk softly upon her. In all that we do help us to do so in conscious beauty. Aho. 

The above prayer comes from a prayer I learned in Qoya. Read the full prayer and background here.