Connect With Your Breath, Connect With Your Power

Have you ever noticed that when you bring your attention to your breath it naturally shifts and changes? It gets deeper, fuller, less forced, more natural. 

Then what does that do to how you feel? How you hold your body? Your mood?

When we bring our attention to our breath, our awareness of our breath and our relationship to it begin to shift. This is why we begin our classes with breath. It’s practice for how to then move through our bodies, through our lives, and through our world. We start with attention, which expands our awareness, which then influences how we see, experience, and understand things. 

In a world where it sometimes may feel like we don’t have much power or control, we can leverage the power of our attention and its ability to shift our relationship with what is around us. 

Saturday’s New Moon in Leo is also the third and final eclipse of this eclipse season. Eclipse seasons are known to bring about a lot of change. While change can feel ungrounding and disruptive, in her forecast Virginia Rosenberg reminds us that it is also an opportunity to start a new narrative.

What do you want? What do you need? How do you want to show up in the world? What stories are you ready to release? But even more importantly, what stories are you ready to write? 

Leo is the Lion. Courageous, powerful, and bold. 

When life presents change and disruption, instead of shrinking in the upheaval or the chaos, remember your power in that moment. This is where you get to start a new narrative. There is a saying that the chaos comes before the creation. Connect with your breath and your awareness. Let the chaos do it's thing. You're gonna make it. You just have to stick around long enough to witness the creation.