Spring Equinox

Sweet rhythm of the Earth.
On the Northern Hemisphere we draw in the fresh in-breath of Spring. 
Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere exhales into Fall.
Seasonal transitions.
This is how the Earth balances and breathes Herself.

Equinoxes are times of great change. So much is happening.
In the North, all around us, the world is coming back to life.
Amidst all the activity, may you still find ease.
It is happening whether or not you try. The change of the seasons is not dependent on your effort.

Today also happens to be the Full Moon in Libra. The symbol of Libra is the scales, balance. Paired with the equal light and equal dark of equinox, let today be an invitation towards balance.

Where in your life can you apply less effort?

Is there a project or relationship that may actually go a bit smoother if less effort and more ease were offered?

Walk outside today.
Smell the spring rain. 
Hear the song of the birds. 
See the blossoming flowers.
Feel the simplicity and witness the beauty of the world existing around you. Notice how your body feels and its natural pull towards equilibrium.
Practice feeling the physical sensation of balance. Practice this in class, on your yoga mat, at home, and as you move through the world.
Less effort.
More ease.

Meet others here. Share in this initiation. Join the confluence of energies making more love and grace in the world. Warriors of the New. Accomplices of peace. Architects of harmony. Artists of equilibrium. - Virginia Rosenberg. 
Read more in her Full Moon and Spring Equinox Forecast.

One year ago today we became Ritual. Happy Anniversary and thank you for joining the confluence of energies right here, contributing your light to this beautiful journey.

With love,