What will blossom within you this Spring?

Today the New Moon is in the highly emotional sign of Pisces.
Emotion = E-Motion = Energy in Motion
As spring slowly approaches we are entering a time of great motion. 
Change and transformation.

"Change triggers the ego mind," said a friend to me yesterday.


Meaning it can be scary. It can bring up emotions. It can spin us out in a mental loop of worst case scenarios. It can take us out of a place of trusting our spirit's ability to guide us or in trusting the natural flow of life. 

Or it can not do that.

The moment of change is also the exact moment that our trust holds the highest value. The moment when the next step is not clear but we allow ourselves to take it anyway is when the payoff is often the biggest.

In order to grow, there has to be an element of letting go of what was. (see cartoon)

This moon invites you to notice what you feel, where you feel it, and allow yourself to "steep in the sensation" ... without reacting, but simply noticing. It invites all of us to feel and experience all of it, to learn, to grow, to dream, to transform, and to embody all the magnificent gifts our being-ness has to offer. What else are we here for?

Let go. Let (yourself) live. 

In her New Moon forecast Virginia Rosenberg writes:

Things come and go. Keep surrendering to that. Spirit remains, and is cleansed by this continuous movement. read more...

Dive deeper into places of interest.
Enhance your movement practice and daily rituals.
Stretch beyond your comfort zone.

What will blossom within you this Spring?