What less can you do?

Instead of squeezing in one more thing, what can you take off your plate today? What really can wait until tomorrow. Or better yet, what doesn’t actually need to be done at all?

I admit, it feels good to check things off the to-do list and to feel a sense of accomplishment. But similar to many of life’s pleasures, accomplishment can become somewhat of an addiction. It can snowball into a never-ending list of things that "need" doing without even remembering how these things relate to your bigger picture of what youwant in your life.

I am not here promoting procrastination. Just encouraging some review.

We are in the middle of our Summer Love Challenge and I want to emphasize that this is not intended to be just one more thing to squeeze in. Instead consider it a reminder to make sure that you are on the list of things in need of attention. The key word to the Summer Love Challenge is LOVE. What can you do (or not do) today that is a true act of self-love?

If anything about this message resonates or gives you a sense of relief then maybe you are in alignment with the cosmos. Click here to read what our studio astrologer Virginia Rosenberg has to say about Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

"During a lunar eclipse we see the earth’s shadow on the face of the moon... The heavenly lights go off. Then they come on again and we're able to see things in a different light than we did before."
-Virginia Rosenberg

Sometimes we need to turn off so we can turn back on.
Refresh, reframe, reset, then move forward from there.

Keep scrolling for last look at our Summer Love Special and Happy Hour deals. Also, check out our upcoming workshops. Wishing you blessings, healing, and clarity on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tuesday.

With Love,