Choose Love, Even Now

On March 20th we gathered to celebrate our evolution into Ritual. Thank you to everyone who showed up. The studio was completely abuzz from the love and joy in the room and the reverberations have continued to be felt ever since.

The highlight of the evening for me was the Despacho Ceremony, a tradition I learned from one of my teachers. We practice Despacho to establish what the Shamans refer to as Ayni- which translates to right relationship. It helps to teach us the importance of gratitude when moving through life's many experiences; the pleasurable as well as the painful. Gratitude helps us to honor each stage of the journey as valuable. 

The ceremony begins with an invocation known as Calling in the Directions. You can read almost the full invocation here. The part that is not included on the link is the invocation of the Heart Teacher. We call on the Heart Teacher to say thank you for reminding us to always ask ourselves, in the good times and the bad, “can I choose love, even now?” 

As our city is at the center of national news, this question rings loudly in my ears. Regardless of belief, opinion, or side many of us can feel the palpable ache that recent events have caused and brought forth. While passions can enflame actions and words, what would happen if as a city we took a pause to ask ourselves that question: “Can we choose love, even now?” And in this case, what does love look like?

Interestingly, today happens to be the Blue Moon in Libra. Libra is the sign most interested in peace, balance, harmony, and fairness. As I ponder what it takes to achieve these qualities, I realize that a sense of community, open-heartedness, and the willingness to listen to one another are essential. Our individual roles and influence over these big issues may vary, but as we bear witness to what is happening in our city, perhaps what we can do is anchor in the question, can we choose love, even now?

Read more here about the Blue Moon in Libra as shared by Virginia Rosenberg. Keep scrolling to see April's special events and additions. May they support all of us in accessing gratitude and choosing love in our lives. 

With all my heart,