Remembering What's True

Maybe we forget just so we can remember...

To remember is a type of liberation. And perhaps the liberation wouldn’t feel so sweet had we not felt stuck in our forgetfulness for a while. 

There are times where you may forget your strengths or the lessons you’ve learned along the way. You may forget the wisdom you have collected and have moments where you feel like you have done no personal growth work, or even moments where you feel like you have regressed. This could show up in relationships, in your meditation practice, in your yoga practice, in your job, or somewhere else in your life. 

You might be someone who handles these moments with grace or maybe (like many of us) you find them a bit disheartening or even frustrating. Either way, consider them a gift. 

Just as nature moves in cycles, so do we. No matter how long the night, remember that each passing moment brings us closer to dawn. 

The birdsong is most beautiful on the first sunny day after a storm. The truth of who you are as spirit and all the incredible gifts and wisdom you have gathered throughout your life is sweetest in that first moment where the cloak is lifted and you remember it all again.

Allow yourself to be moved by the energy and pulse of that remembrance, for it is the truth and the truth sets you free. Give yourself the freedom to ask the important questions:

What support do I need to move forward at this time? Ask for it. 
What things do I need to do to honor my well-being? Do them. 
What words need to be spoken? Speak them. 
What decisions need to be made? Make them. 

This Sunday is the New Moon in the warrior sign of Aries. Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that this is a time to "be true to yourself and what you stand for. Adapt, and embrace the irresistible facts of life: desire and change." In a moment like this may we be grateful for those moments of forgetting: for how they make us stronger, help us find clarity, and for how they make the remembering that much more potent. 

As you make your way into the weekend can you give yourself time to ask the questions above? One of our favorite places to ask such questions is on the yoga mat, so maybe we'll see you there. 

Wishing you many moments of remembering and the ability to find gratitude in it all.  

With love,