Carrie Meyer

One way I define yoga is the absence of conflict. Although I’d submit that yoga cannot actually be taught, conditions leading to the realization of yoga may be facilitated.

As a facilitator, I’m a kind of yoga “conductor,” suggesting certain structural arrangements of the physical body with attunement to the subtle body so that within a few meditative breaths, the mindbody may be experienced as a clear vessel of consciousness. Whereas my classes are a personal distillation of established yoga traditions (including classical Ashtanga and Iyengar-style), somatics, and creative intuitions, they invite a comprehensive practice of breathing-edge flow in which intensity is self-regulated and the main objective is to awaken one’s whole Self.

My offerings are the culmination of Life’s journey.

Residing and traveling in mostly Eastern countries for nearly seven years in the 90s elicited within me a merger of such archetypes as the wandering mystic, meditative thinker, and healing artist. Since my first yoga teacher trainings in 1999, I began “teaching” in 2001 and completed a master’s degree integrating Eastern psychology, somatics, and holistic health in 2003. Along with my hypnotherapy/energetic healing practice, I give talks and workshops on practical themes of consciousness and healing, supporting individuals in embracing the universal principles and unique expression of their own nature.

My hope for everyone sharing practice with me is that, by the moment of Namaste, your heart may know itself again.

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