Catherine La O’

When I started my Yoga practice in 2001, it did not have the public’s attention like it does today. I came to the practice with a limited understanding of what it was. At the time, I had no physical exercise or spiritual practice. I was at a place in my life where I wanted something different, but didn’t know what or how to figure it out. I felt apathetic. A friend recommended that I try Yoga.” During my first class I felt very uncomfortable and out of place. Everyone else in the room seemed to move so easily through the poses, while I struggled, not only to move but to understand what the teacher was asking us to do. Regardless, I liked the idea of having a physical activity that was more than just a workout. I liked how the teacher encouraged us to be patient with ourselves and guided us to be curious about the sensations in our body as opposed to pushing it or being upset with it for what it wasn’t. This really spoke to me as I was someone who carried around the burden of a negative self-image. My Yoga practice gave me the space to question and explore the old and unhelpful patterns in which I was living. As my body opened, my mind followed. As my muscles started to transform and change, so did my perspective of myself and the world around me.

For me, teaching was a natural next step on my path of self-discovery. While supporting others in their path, I learn more about my own. The student/teacher relationship becomes cyclical and for that I am truly grateful for every person that steps into my classroom. In 2013, after thirteen years of a daily dedicated Yoga practice, I took my study to a new level by signing up for a 500-HR advanced teacher training, which I completed in early 2015. I am a full time teacher and have spent many hours in the studio teaching and growing. The focus of my classes is on physical alignment to support sustainability of the body, and meditation to deepen the body, mind, spirit connection.

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