An ending falls into a beginning.

Last year on July 3rd I became the new studio owner of It’s All Yoga (now Ritual). This day was also the 2nd anniversary of my husband Jhonathan’s passing.

In my mind and heart the acquisition of this business was the Universe's way of giving me something really beautiful to dedicate my energy to after a couple years of swimming in grief after the loss.

July 3, 2017 marked the transition into moving forward with my life, not forgetting my past, but allowing past experience to serve as my inspiration to participate in creating the world we live in.

As we approach the double anniversary this year I’d like to introduce the Change for Good Campaign. 

Change for Good is a project that Jhonathan was working on before he passed. It's based on the simple idea that we can take painful experiences and help to bring about healing by bringing more joy and beauty into the world. Jhonathan proposed that one way to do this is by helping to transform the energy of painful anniversaries by doing something on that day to bring about good change in the world.

This year I'd like to invite you to participate with me.

As we celebrate our anniversary together at Ritual, may we also claim our power to transform and to alchemize. 
You can participate in the following ways:

  • Buy One Month Unlimited for only $99 - July 3rd only
    (10% of proceeds will go to Planet Bee Foundation)
  • Do something to bring beauty or joy into the world.
    Then make sure you share the beauty with us on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags #changeforgood and #ritualsacramento

Reasons to participate:
- It's good for you
- It's good for the studio
- It's good for the bees
- It's good for the world
- It feels good to honor sacred days

What brings joy and beauty? You get to decide!
- Donate your time or money to a cause
- create art
- try something new
- spend time with a loved one
and more!