Clark Watanabe

There are many times in a person’s life where they come to a fork in the road and the chosen path transforms them in ways that were before unimaginable. Shortly after I began my yoga practice three years ago I experienced such a metamorphosis.

Since high school I was always interested in physical fitness.  For many years bodybuilding and powerlifting were my forms of exercise,  but life was out of balance. Being a workaholic and stressed out was taking it’s toll physically and mentally.  One day a serious back injury left me without a way to release the tension in my life. Enter yoga.

Perspectives changed;  relationships with friends and family became more important, I took time to appreciate life instead of anticipating the future. My body became more flexible and my mind came along for the ride.

In a yoga practice I look for a guide who can ground my spirit yet challenge me physically; all the while still holding space to be safe. This is what I hope to offer everyone that comes to one of my classes.

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