Mind. Body. Spirit. Soul.

Our class schedule is designed to meet you where you are on any given day.

See our class schedule for levels, and know that the instructor can help you find modifications in any of our classes.

Class Types and Descriptions


Build on classical alignment, build strength, and practice breath-work, relaxation, and meditation. Exploration of the physical poses is supplemented with the philosophy and energetic principles of yoga.

Flow from one posture to the next in a progression of movements synchronized with breath to build strength and stamina while exploring connections between poses and attuning to your own inner rhythm. Some flow classes also emphasize nuanced alignment, core strengthening, and meditation.

Hatha Flow
Combines elements of Hatha and Flow. Portions of the class will focus on steady holds of a traditional alignment-based Hatha practice. While other portions will use repetition of movement, flowing from one posture to the next synchronizing with breath. Explore elements of core stability, creating length, strength and stability in the body.

Strength and Balance
A focused approach to increase balance, mobility and joint health. Practice emphasizes the weight-bearing aspect of yoga poses to support healthy bones and appropriately build strength to carry you through your day. No prior yoga experience necessary — come as you are.
*Tue and Thur at 10:45 - discount rate*


Slow down, calm your mind, and open your heart. Explore how deep you can go into yourself without ever leaving the floor. Let yourself be nourished. See our three Nourish options below:


Friday Night Reset
Guided meditation, slow and gentle movements to increase range of motion of a joint and strengthen the surrounding muscles of that joint. Explore how deep you can go into the body without ever leaving the floor. An ideal transition out of a long week and into a weekend of feeling revitalized.

Yoga Nidra
Sometimes called 'Yogic sleep,’ is a guided meditation in savasana or supportive posture which takes the brain into a deep state of relaxation and can provide profound renewal. Each class will include a few restorative postures followed by guided Yoga Nidra.

Yin + Sound
Yin Yoga targets our deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks with long and slow holds. This class is accompanied by live sound healing to help you deeply relax and tune into your body and Self. .

Some more unique offerings:


Qoya women only
Qoya classes, which are a blend of yoga, dance, and community connection, are based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember how to trust our body as our sacred guide, embody our soul, and live a life aligned with our truth by following our intuition. 
No experience necessary! There is no way to do Qoya wrong and the way you know you are doing it right is that it feels true to YOU.

Sunday Morning Meditation
Come and meditate every Sunday morning at 8:00am for 30 minutes. We will provide the space, the cushions and chairs and the leader. Bring your intention to meditate in community, sharing and spreading the merit of your effort, serenity and equanimity.

Class Levels

True Beginner - This class will be a friendly introduction to the basics of yoga and poses you may encounter in class and how to adjust them for your needs. You will become familiar with the arc of a class and have the opportunity to ask questions. Come as you are and have fun!

All Levels - Everyone's welcome - from the adventurous beginner to the advanced student. The teacher will offer variations that enable you to practice at your own level while keeping up with the flow. Modifications and rest welcome.

Plus - For those who like the opportunity for more challenging postures, variations, and add-ons as well as guidance with/toward more advanced poses. It's recommended that the practitioner have some yoga experience (or have taken at least 6-10 all-levels classes if a newcomer to yoga) and a basic level of fitness before taking a "Plus" class.