Our class schedule is designed to meet you where you are on any given day.

Some days we need a more structured practice, while other days we need to flow. And then there are the days where we just need to be gentle with ourselves.

Decide what you are looking for: 
Foundation, Flow, or Gentle? 
Or try one of our Specialty Classes.
Read on to learn the difference and if you like detail and nuance you can find a more in depth explanation about the variety in our classes to help make your selection.

See our class schedule for levels, and know that the instructor can help you find modifications in any of our classes.


Classes in this category are a little slower moving giving you time to explore alignment, nuance, and subtlety in the posture and your body. 


Hatha/Yoga Fundamentals
Build on classical alignment, build strength, and practice breath-work, relaxation, and meditation. Exploration of the physical poses is supplemented with the philosophy and energetic principles of yoga.

Precision and Play

The perfect combination of structure and freedom. Explore specific alignment ideas in a way that gives you a toolkit for personalizing your poses.

Strength and Balance
A focused approach to increase balance, mobility and joint health. Practice emphasizes the weight-bearing aspect of yoga poses to support healthy bones and appropriately build strength to carry you through your day. No prior yoga experience necessary — come as you are.

Classes in this category emphasize synchronizing movement with breath and repetitive motion in a flow as a way to relieve rigidity and open your body.


Flow and Reflect
Flow with breath and movement to build strength and stamina, exploring connections between poses while listening to your own beautiful rhythm. Option to explore more intermediate poses.

Hatha Flow
Using repetition of movement and flow of breath we will create length, strength and stability in the body. Explore elements of core stability, using intentional energetic engagement from your roots, to your belly to your long spine.

Integrative Flow
Explore different levels of awareness ranging from structural/physical to subtle/energetic. Builds somatic and energetic self-awareness. The rich potential for intensity and edge-playing is balanced with emphasis on self-care.

Classes in the category are accessible for all levels. Perfect for those days you need to slow down, calm your mind and open your heart.


A full-service self care experience. Practice will pull from quieter modalities including gentle movement, restorative poses and yin. Extra special touches like warm or cool stones, essential oil aromatherapy and chai and baked treats make this a practice of whole-body healing.

Friday Night Reset
Guided meditation, slow and gentle movements to increase range of motion of a joint and strengthen the surrounding muscles of that joint. Explore how deep you can go into the body without ever leaving the floor. An ideal transition out of a long week and into a weekend of feeling revitalized.

And then there are classes that don't fit in any category. Read on for more specifics. 


Yoga Nidra
Sometimes called 'Yogic sleep,’ is a guided meditation in savasana or supportive posture which takes the brain into a deep state of relaxation and can provide profound renewal. Each class will include a few restorative postures followed by guided Yoga Nidra.

Qoya women only
Qoya classes, which are a blend of yoga, dance, and community connection, are based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember how to trust our body as our sacred guide, embody our soul, and live a life aligned with our truth by following our intuition. 

No experience necessary! There is no way to do Qoya wrong and the way you know you are doing it right is that it feels true to YOU.

Intuitive Flow and Live Sound
This class is offered once a month. Come soak in the healing vibration of sound. This class is gently guided and an opportunity to allow your body to move intuitively. You may find yourself flowing through poses or taking a nap to sound of drums, bowls, chimes, shakers, and more. Each class is an invitation to be in the present moment and give your body exactly what it needs.

Sunday Morning Meditation
Come and meditate every Sunday morning at 8:00am for 30 minutes. We will provide the space, the cushions and chairs and the leader. Bring your intention to meditate in community, sharing and spreading the merit of your effort, serenity and equanimity.

Here is a little description of our levels.

Level 1: For the new student who is developing body and breath awareness.

Level 2: For the student who is becoming more aware of detail and deepening into their poses. Easily adaptable to meet your physical and energetic needs.

Level 3: Great for on-going students looking for a more physical class. Introduces more flow and intermediate poses, building strength and stamina. Modifications offered to meet your needs.

All levels: Practitioners of all levels are welcome and benefit from this class.

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