Dana Vasquez

One of my biggest passions in life is the magical connection of all things through sound.  The universe was created from it and we are all vibrating at our own frequencies. The power of sound and combining of frequencies to make harmonious creations of music and healing sound is such a gift that excites me to the core.  I feel it can help support humanity's remembering of who we truly are. I offer opportunities and modalities to experience these powers through sound baths with a combination of crystal bowls and toning. Sacred Song circles accessing our most powerful instrument our voice.  As well as community and private drum circles to support play and community.
I am an advocate of present moment awareness and offer opportunities to return to our center and feel into our wholeness.

I began my journey with movement as medicine as a young girl who loved to dance and play in nature.  I can remember the freedom I felt amongst the trees and the wide open lands of the hills in the central valley where I spent my childhood growing up in Gustine, Ca.  During college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo I discovered my practice of yoga. I remember thinking “wow this takes a lot of focus and concentration it might take the rest of life and then some to be fully present all the time.” From that moment on in 2003 I have continued on my yogic path of self discovery.  In the fall of 2006 I completed my 500 hour Hatha yoga teacher training.

I am a being who loves to be wild and free. Qoya as a practice and a lifestyle is a true blessing. Through Qoya I can express my authentic self and hold space for others to notice how themes of life make us feel and our relationship to all parts of ourselves in a sacred safe safe. While it may just seem to be a combination of dance yoga and feminine movement there's so much more beneath the surface. This movement supports creating conscious community, a chance to be heard in conversation, self-inquiry, the ability to come back to ones center and supports release judgement. Live and let live with love and compassion.  

For me leading these practices is service to humanity. Opportunities to gather and support ourselves and each other through ceremonies and rituals giving gratitude and awareness back to source and our home planet earth.  May all beings be free. I am honored to be part of the Ritual team.