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Gina Langbehn

My first yoga class 16 years ago was at a community college and I nearly fainted. All my life of constant exercise through recreational sports, competitive volleyball and running, I had never experienced such a challenge. To be still, to be “connected” with myself…crazy! That is when the love affair with yoga began.

In the last 13 years, after I took up marathon running, yoga became an addiction, a therapy. It was a place to go to “slow down” and “pay attention to me,” and neither were judged. Crashing headfirst into IAY’s 200-hour Teacher Training in 2013, I got to submerge myself in these two practices and experience the full range of effects— uncomfortable, blissful, often frightening, but always rewarding. And now I get to share the value of “slowing down” and “paying attention” with others. I also used to play in the corporate world (marketing and such) most of my adult life and then decided, “Why do that when I can do this!?” Teaching brings me a sense of clarity, fulfillment, love. In my class, if each of my students can find a bit more clarity and fun with asana, pranayama, meditation, self, heart, life — that equals success for me. Even if clarity and fun mean simply a smile on their faces!

When I am not playing with yoga I love to run, cook, be outdoors, play in the water, travel and enjoy time with my hubby and two furry babies Duke and Cooper!

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