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Holly Holt

I’m a singer/songwriter in hibernation, a facilitator of yoga and writing, and somebody’s mother. I took my first yoga class in the early ‘90s because I heard it might make me feel better, and that’s what I wanted, to feel better. I lived the first half of my life in my head—dreaming, studying or creating. Yoga helped me hear my body’s voice for the first time. I come back again and again because yoga meets me where I am no matter how old or injured I feel, and because it reconnects my pieces better than anything else I have found. And although I’ve been breathing since the day I was born, somehow I still feel like I need to practice breathing.

What else is there to know about me? I like to drink tea from tiny cups. I love Willie Nelson. I sing silly songs about my dog while I’m doing dishes—and he doesn’t come—ever. I love to drive on the back roads with no map. Sometimes, I write in my blog. If I could do nothing for a living, I would never retire. Every so often, I sit in a room with adolescents, and I let them write what they want and say what they think. Sometimes, I sneak a little “yoga” in there. We practice listening to the world around us. We read poetry. We find the ground with our hands and feet. We breathe.

I bring the same spirit to my yoga classes: the spirit of creativity, listening and receptivity. I believe in helping people find their voices, whether that be through moving their bodies or moving their pen. I invite you to listen. I invite you to hear your own voice.

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