Meet Kaci Florez

Studio Owner

I found yoga in 2003. I loved how it made me feel more clear and connected to myself and knew early on that I wanted to help others find the same. In 2006 I went to my first yoga teacher training. My journey started with Bikram and over the years I added Yin, meditation, and Qoya to my offerings of classes, workshops, and retreats. Each has satisfied a need within and helped me to feel more alive and more myself. I see this as the basis of my teaching.

Recently ordained as a Minister of Walking prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies and I am excited and humbled by how this will affect (and already is affecting) the way I am able to serve my community.

In July 2017 I was given the opportunity to purchase It’s All Yoga (now Ritual). This was two years to the day after suddenly losing my husband. From the beginning the studio has felt linked to my healing journey as a way to honor him, honor my past, acknowledge where I have come to in the present, and set myself up to take what I have learned from my experience so I can be of service in the future.

As the studio owner and torch holder here at Ritual, my intention is for this to be a space where students and teachers can come to experience their wholeness and to have support as they make the journey within. I also hope that through practice each individual may connect with their unique power and gain some essential tools to help bring this power into the world, to get through life's twists and turns, and to remember what it feels like to be fully alive.

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