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Michelle Marlahan

When I was first learning about yoga in the mid 90s, it felt like all these separate parts of myself came together and finally made sense (well, most of the time).

These days, my yoga is inspired by poetry, nature, slowing down, and a fascination for the human body. As a teacher, I encourage curiosity and interest in the process rather than reaching a final destination.

This is a practice of day-to-day and the ways we show up amid all the other things in life. This isn’t easy! Thank goodness we can come together for weekly classes, where we balance the seriousness and instruction with levity and lightness and fun. Some of my favorite teaching happens in our 200 and 300 hour TT programs, as well as workshops and retreats, where we can explore our relationships beyond the mat.

After 12 years of creating and building It’s All Yoga, I decided to spread my wings outside of the studio walls. For me, this is part of the practice—following the heart even when it doesn’t make sense to the head. In perfect timing for all parties, Kaci Florez took over ownership in July 2017 and is leading IAY to new heights.

This shift in my work is allowing me to teach and write more, as well as continue my passions of Ayurveda, plant-based nutrition and creative grief workshops and retreats. Reminders that in Yoga, there is room for whatever comes up.

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