Natasha Sagalovsky

I believe in the power of intention – that connecting to this place within us is the seed from which our whole life unfolds. 

In my classes we practice alignment, awareness, strength and breath as tools to attune to our innermost resources. You will move at a pace that taps into your own breath and power – expect to work hard, look within, connect to other dedicated practitioners and savor deeply your own experience on your mat. 

I've been a lover and teacher of this practice for over 13 years, and it still continues to heal my body and heart - restoring my faith in myself and the beauty of life daily. 

In 2016 I experienced a series of injuries that landed me in the hospital for 4 months. The healing crisis that followed have only deepened my capacity and understanding in helping others with any level of injuries as well as chronic pain, stress-related disorders, severe insecurity, anxiety, and more.

I am currently completing my herbalist certification through Rosemary Gladstar’s online school The Science and Art of Herbalism, one of the foremost western classical herbalism schools available today. I also continue my in depth studies of plant medicine through doTERRA’s continuing education programs, through my studies with Peter Holmes of Snow Lotus, and am in the midst of a two year live-in apprenticeship program at Sacramento’s profound school for the ways of woman, holistic living and soul-recovery: Shakti Rising.

We are living in overwhelming and disconcerting times. My hope is to share a piece of what has worked profoundly for myself over the years - and for yogis for centuries.

I am here for you as you move through your own work in this world. in joy,