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Yoga for Cranky Hips

with Leslie Howard

($45 before 1/27)

Recommended to pair with Yoga and the Pelvic Floor for only $80 (valued at $95)
Sunday, Feb 10. 10:45am - 3:45pm

Combo Price Pelvic Floor + Cranky Hips - $130 ($110 before 1/27)

This alignment-based class is a slow, methodical and safe way of working the legs to create space in and around the hip sockets. Leslie addresses how to use yoga poses and yoga props to increase space, flexibility and strength in the hips. You will find familiar yoga poses using props and done with a focus on the relationship between the legs and pelvis. This way of practicing can help alleviate aches and pains in and around the head of the femur.

Pain in the hips can have many causes. But whatever the root cause, most people are sitting in chairs or cars more than ever before. Sitting with the legs at a 90 degree angle from your torso decreases the amount of space in the front of the hip sockets, brings the femurs forward in the hip socket and restricts blood flow to the pelvis. We come to yoga to undo some of our postural bad habits. However, we can actually exacerbate hip pain if we are doing our poses without mindfulness. The approach in this class is to encourage the femurs to be deeper towards the back of their sockets, and to practice the poses with a new spotlight on the hip joint.

Refunds are given as studio credit, except in extenuating circumstances. We do not prorate series classes.

To cancel this reservation or to reserve for additional students, please contact us at or call 916-837-5400