Kaci Florez, Owner

Through movement we remember what it feels like to be fully alive.

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Sethyne Gavin

What I try to share is the experience of how it feels to be free;

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Gina Langbehn

Finding a bit more clarity and fun with asana, pranayama, meditation.

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Denice Domke

Encouraging people to approach new experiences with light-hearted ease.

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Jeanne Munoz

Creating a collaborative learning environment, as we navigate this fun and complex work.  

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Althea Cervantes

Integrating emphasis on alignment and form with breath and movement.

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Wencke Roed

Aging is inevitable—if we are lucky. My goal is to age gracefully and to be strong.

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Michelle Marlahan

I encourage curiosity and interest in the process over a final destination.

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Catherine La O’

Alignment to support the body, and meditation to deepen connection.

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Chandra Lovejoy

Anchoring practice in mindfulness and breath control to create steadiness and ease.

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Carrie Meyer

By the moment of Namaste, may your heart know itself again.

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Holly Holt

Helping people find their voices, through moving their bodies or their pen.

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Dana Vasquez

Live and let live with love and compassion. May all beings be free.

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Clark Watanabe

I hope to offer a physical challenge all the while still holding space to be safe.

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Natasha Sagalovsky

I believe in the power of intention – the seed from which our whole life unfolds. 

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