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Sethyne Gavin

My first Yoga class was at a gym. Before that I had tried aerobics, running, a master’s swim program and weight lifting, but the challenges of yoga have held my interest for the last 10 years. Four years after my initial class I felt I needed to share my experience. That’s when I became a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

Following my path, I’ve since taught at large gyms, several studios and private sessions. As part of my desire to grow spiritually, I wanted to collaborate with Michele Marlahan, the owner of It’s All Yoga. Greeting each morning with Yoga’s practice/path gives me insight as to how I treated myself the day before.

Every day is a new chance to begin anew. What I try to share is the experience of how it feels to be free; separated from our mind chatter and at ease within our physical bodies with space to process the emotional baggage. These are only two examples of the things that limit us in countless ways. It’s how consciously you work within your limits that is the Heart of Yoga.

Using my experience as a guide, I encourage exploration in the postures through focused attention and awareness of the breath. My style balances strength, suppleness and compassion with an emphasis on finding ease in the practice. I praise all my teachers, which includes the students. They have shown me that a sense of humor and a compassionate soul are wonderful companions to have while on the path.

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