May 4 - 11, 2019

Join Kaci in the Mayan city of Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula at Maya Tulum, a magical seaside resort facing the rising sun over the Caribbean Sea.

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Theme: Where Soul Meets Body

Honor your Body, the home of your Soul 
with nourishing movement, food, and spa treatments in a tropical, paradise setting.


As you see the world around you shifting you know that now, more than ever, is the time for you show up fully, with all your wisdom, all your love and compassion, all your heartbreak, disappointment, tenderness, and fear, all your celebration, passion, joy and reclamation, with all your experience, and with all your power.

You came to this life to experience your wholeness
 and the world needs all of who you are right now.

Through daily movement (yoga and Qoya), ceremony, writing ritual, a visit to ancient Mayan ruins, meaningful discussion, and connection with nature, this week is an opportunity for you to explore yourself at both new depths and new heights; to bring your transcendent experiences of Soul down into your tangible body on Earth.

If you have ever wondered what it means to live Heaven on Earth and to bring spirit into matter, consider joining us as we visit the intersection within, where Soul meets Body.


  • Time to yourself for deep rest and reflection

  • Guided yoga and Qoya classes, meditations, and ceremony to bring the deepest parts of you forward.

  • Exposure to ancient Mayan culture by visiting Mayan Ruins and experiencing traditional Mayan ceremony and spa treatments.

  • Opportunities to connect with and draw support from like-minded women

  • The chance to feel empowered by everything you have been through in this life.

  • The opportunity to see your wholeness reflected in nature. Think of the contrast of the bright Caribbean sun and white sand beaches with the dark night sky of the New moon.


  • 7 days and nights accommodations in elegant seaside cabanas, each with it’s own unique features, light and airy design, private restrooms, and a small stone bath at the entrance to dip the sand off bare feet before entering.

  • delicious, nutritious vegetarian and pescatarian food

  • all movement classes(Qoya and Yoga) and rituals

  • 1 group excursion to Mayan ruins

  • 1 Temazcal Ceremony

  • 1 spa treatment - choose from facials, wraps, and bodywork to specialty Mayan treatments

All rooms have private bathrooms and ocean views. 

Double Occupancy Rooms
Ocean View Cabana - $2,500
Ocean Front Cabana - $2,700

Single Occupancy Rooms
Ocean View Cabana - $3,400
Ocean Front Cabana - $3,600

*Payment plans available
*Pay online or by check 

$500 deposit:
Pay by Jan 31 for $250 off final price!
Pay in full by Jan 31 for $350 off

Email Kaci to save your spot in paradise.

Testimonies and FAQ

“This retreat was an opportunity for me to enjoy a total immersion into the experience of being a wise, wild, and free woman. The healing waters and warming sunshine created an environment suited for the sacred practice Kaci led us through for that week. It was a week of reverence for the Divine Feminine, a chance to become grounded on the blessed earth of the Mayans, and it reawakened in me a respect for the medicine to be found in rituals of gratitude and sharing. I would recommend this retreat for any woman looking to dive deeply into practices that would bring her in touch with her Divine Light.”

— Christine B, 2017 retreat guest

“[Kaci] truly gave everyone permission to show up and coexist with love, heartbreak, celebration, disappointment, passion, fear, tenderness, disconnection, joy and reclamation. The experiences and rituals with the Mayan culture have made me even more reverent for my time here on earth. The flow of the classes during the week was so perfectly planned with both the sound healing and temazcal ceremonies. The ceremonies were as powerful as any that I’ve ever experienced.”

— Betsy B, 2017 retreat guest

Why Tulum?

Tulum is a Mayan city on the Yucatan Peninsula that faces the rising sun over the Caribbean Sea. Relatively accessible (being only a 2 hour drive from the international airport) Tulum is a place where the ancient Mayan traditions and ancestral wisdom live on through the modern Mayan people whose generosity allows them to share with visitors. Maya Tulum is a magical seaside resort that honors these traditions and holds them with a reverence that can be felt the moment you step on the property. With more beachfront that any resort in the area, you’re assured to spend your days enjoying the brilliant turquoise waters with white sand beaches and to spend your nights lulled to sleep by the sound of lapping waves.

What Is Not Included in the Cost?

Transportation to Maya Tulum: airfare, airport shuttle, etc.

How do I get there?

Step 1:  Book your flight into Cancun International Airport (CUN).

Step 2: Reserve a shuttle through Maya Tulum to and from the airport for $40 each way or reserve a private taxi from the airport >>

What about currency?

Most businesses in Tulum accept US dollars as well as the Euro.

Do I need vaccines?

There are no vaccines currently required to enter Mexico.