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The Power of Sound

  • Ritual 2405 21st Street Sacramento, CA, 95818 United States (map)

With Kadea Metara - Catalyst for Change

Saturday June 9, 2018   
1 - 4 P.M. 

An afternoon of experiencing the transformative and healing power of sound. Kadea will share many powerful techniques with you. Sound is one of the most accelerated ways to transmute density (negative core imprints) at the cellular level and bring harmonic resonance back to your life. This workshop is one of the most popular Kadea gives throughout the U. S.

The Universe is made up of Energy and Consciousness. 
As a human you are a Conscious Energy Field
What does that mean?
It means YOU get to choose the vibration of your mental, emotional and physical health. 
Positive or Negative.
Most people are unaware of how simple it is to change your energy field from negative to positive, leaving many feeling stuck and powerless to make positive changes in their life.

Sound is an accelerated tool to bring balance and harmony into your entire energy field and experience healing and well being. The principle of sound therapy and healing are scientifically proven. Sound creates resonance. When applied to the body's energy field the correct sound frequency brings each cell back into resonance with it's original blueprint of perfection.

It is that simple. 

Don't miss this fun and transformative afternoon.

Kadea Metara has been a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and sound healing since 1988. She uses "toning" and other sound technology in her private healing and spiritual consulting practice. Kadea is internationally respected for her extremely accurate, clear and precise guidance as well as the accelerated techniques she uses to help others bring about profound and lasting life changes. She lectures, teaches and counsels worldwide.