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Wencke Roed

Aging is inevitable—if we are lucky. My goal for myself and my students is to age gracefully and to be strong, flexible and tall.

My name is Wencke, sounds like Venka. My first introduction to yoga began when I was 40. I had a VCR with 7 days of yoga with Raquel Welch. I started taking yoga classes whenever and wherever I could.

I am an RN and spent 40 years primarily In Labor and Delivery helping families during the pregnancy and birth process. I also taught childbirth classes and took a course teaching prenatal yoga in the mid 1980s.

Yoga gradually became a way of life for me rather than only a form of exercise. In 2014 I took Michelle’s 200-hour teacher training as a way to deepen my practice. Then last year I was introduced to Yoga for Bone Health which resonated with me since I personally have been diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis. I took a teacher training for bone health which has changed my personal practice and how I teach. I am very excited to offer yoga to an older crowd (young are also welcome).

I am honored and so grateful to have the opportunity to teach a practice I love. The teachers (at Ritual) are amazing and inspiring and I am always learning.

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